Macross Frontier

This time we mourn the passing of the creator of Shin Chan, Yoshito Usui. We also discuss other news like, the end of Clamp’s Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, the amount of money Ponyo has made since it released, how much money it would have cost if the script writer didn’t rewrite the proposed live action cowboy bebop, how much money a manga creator can make in a day, and how much money a yaoi publisher might not make if their founder is being charged with drug related crimes. A lot about money in the news this week, as well as Kenshin manga being printed in English (that’s gonna make some money), and the last Inu Yasha TV series (that’s gonna make some money too!). In reviews, Duma tells how he learned a bit about Japanese culture from Mega Man Once Upon a Star, Skyeline cites one example of an anime failing the one episode test in Airmaster, and another example of one passing the test, which is Darker then Black, which coincidentally is also what Roundpeg reviews  for us. And to finish things off Slunker over-compensates for last episode’s non-reviews by giving more proper reviews of the classic film Macross Do You Remember Love, and the latest series in the Macross franchise, Macross Frontier.

Warning this podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion advised.

Written by slunker

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