Welcome to episode 69, considering the crudeness of some of our ususal discussions it’s surprising we hadn’t done a hentai show before, at any rate here it is. Our hentai show. Of course we talk news first, then we have a general discussion of hentai, led by Sibnova. For reviews we have Skyeline going over Luv Wave. Slunker follows up with the rather ordinary(at least ordinary for porn) Consenting Adultery. Roundpeg reviews the surprisingly good Pure Mail.

Once reviews are done we get a return of Duma Time. Roundpeg brings the show to a close talking about his experience with the new Funimation streaming service.

This is our last podcast for 2011, how ever we will continue in 2012. Have a happy new year, and thanks for listening.

Warning this podcast contains adult language and content. Listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker

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