Sorry about the late posting, Audacity and I were having some issues, and the edit took longer then expected. Also I want to apologise for the length of the show, we will be trying to keep the show from running too long in the future. All that being said in this episode of 2 Lazy we have quite a bit of news to discuss, like the end of BLeach on TV, Japan’s desire to build a space elevator, and Hideo Kojima getting to go to the Smithsonian as a guest speaker at an event there. In reviews Sib turns it up to 11 to fervently tell us about the awesomeness that is titled Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Slunker suggest that if you got some freetime you should check out Suzuka for free on Funimation.com. And Roundpeg recommends that if you are a girl, or a guy who wants show some anime to a girl, then Princess Jellyfish is what you need to watching, and on Dumatime Duma tells us about some free anime channels you can check out on the Roku, as always thank you for listening.

Warning the following podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker

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