Dead Fantasy

Wanted to post this video I edited, since I was feeling a bit inspired. I used the song Falling Towards the Sky, by Jeff Williams. This scene that inspired me is from Season 9 of Rec vs. Blue which can be found a Rooster Teeth’s Website Here is the Original Clip


The song can be found on iTunes or Amazon and Red Vs Blue can also be purchased at iTunes

Instead of using video from Red Vs. Blue, I went with Dead Fantasy, which can be seen at or on youtube if you search for Dead Fantasy.





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9 Figures in 2 months

That’s right I’m talking about anime figures, I went on a binge that I plan not to do during any 2 monh period during this new year

Anywho since I bought so many figures I thought I’d share what I purchased. I’ll start with 2 that i have already blogged about before, Ryomou Shimei by Orchid Seed and Choun Shiryu By Alter

And Choun Shiryu again

 The next figure I got was Also from the series Ikkitousen, it was Kanu Unchou also by Alter

Now to be perfectly honest I don’t remember whih order I purchased the rest of the figures in so rest are going to be presented in random order. I’ll start with Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, figure by Wave Corporation.

This figure came with a variety of items like 4 different signs

and my favorite Mikuru with Ak-47 assault rifle

Alright to save myself some time the remainder of the figures I purchased were all maufactured by Wave Corporation.

The next three figures are all from the series My Hime or My Otome, and based on these drawing

Okay so Lena Sayers first my favorite of these 3

Mai Tokiha

And Shizuru Fujino, this figure comes with 2 bases and an alternate hairstyle

The last 2 figures were 2 different version of the same figure, Kazumi Mizuho from Please Teacher.


The tanned version and the untanned version below

and now switching up the hairstyles

That’s all 9 of them. These figures were all purchased at various sites I’ll link now

Anime Wild

Robert’s Anime Corner Store

HobbyLink Japan

Ami Ami character and hobby shop

AKToyCollectibles at

Big Bad Toy Store

Thanks for reading I’m sure I’ll mention these recent purchases on the next recording which we should be doing pretty soon, and now that I went overboard on the figures, I find myself looking for zonpaktous for sell. I’ll post if I end up buying any. Until next time, take care


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new figures

Ok I know the title is my anime watching blog. Anyways I’m going to post pictures here of the new figures I recently ordered, then maybe I’ll mention some of the anime I have been watching recently.

First up is a figure of Ryomou Shimei from the series Ikkitousen, I purchased this figure from Roberts Anime Corner Store

This figure is by Orchid Seed and is 1/7 scale

Next up is Chuun Shiryu also from the Ikktousen series. I purchased this one from Anime Wild

This figure is by Alter and is 1/8 scale. Also this is a figure I had planned to pre-oreder originally, but got sidetracked and missed my chance to get it the first time around. I was stoked to find it available again at Anime wild as it was sold out for some time.

Okay so as mentioned in episode 43, which will be posted right after this, I recently watched on netflix streaming Parasite Dolls, and Princess

Currently on DVD form netflix I am watching Doujin Work

and on netflix streaming I’m watching the Golgo 13 tv series

I may or may not review these on the podcast anytime soon, It all depends on when I finish them, or what else I start watching.

And enjoy episode 43 of the 2 Lazy 2 B Otaku Podcast, which I’ll post right after this post.

Oh almost forgot, a correction I didn’t edit in the podcast, but will here and in the podcast post, Princess is a Danish film, and I said it was dutch, so I was incorrect, Princess is a Danish animated film.

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Shows I’m watching this season

This season is a first for me in anime, as in, this is the first time i’m watching anything that is currently airing. Usually I watch anime that is currently releasing in the U.S. The three shows I am watching which I may or may not review in future podcast are.



Hatsukoi Limited


And Pandora Hearts. once the shows finish up I may review these in a future podcast.

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The Palmtop Tiger Aisaka TaigaThis past week I watched Tora Dora

I’ll be discussing this on the next podcast so I’ll keep this brief. I will say though I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ll be watching it again this coming week, and will keep an eye out for any news regarding any licensing for the show I hope this gets a U.S. release, anyways I’ll be talking about this on the next podcast hopefully we’ll have it out in the next coming week.

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Impromptu Review Resident Evil Degeneration


Haven’t watch any anime so far this week. Closest thing to anime I have watched was Resident Evil Degeneration. Anyways, after watching this film my overall opinion is it’s forgettable if you’re not a fan of the game series. Personally I’ve only played the first 3 games in the series, so at best I was mildly interested. That being said, I will say I found the story to be good, and fitting considering this is based on the games. However I did find the overall quality of the film leaving something to be desired. Perhaps I am biased having seen Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, and also recently saw Appleseed Ex Machina, I guess I could say my expectations for an action oriented CG film might be demanding. The overall quality seemed inconsistent. At somepoints the characters looked great, and other times they didn’t look any better then they might have in an in game Cg cut scene. The voice acting was passable, but after playing the first Resident Evil, I wonder if I should keep the bar for voice acting quality low. Perhaps the voice over work improved in recent games, but that would require me to actually play the games to make any judgement on that. Overall, if you’re one of those people who don’t take your fandom, or entertainment too seriously Resident Evil Degeneration is entertaining enough to be worth renting at best.

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Anime podcasting with out a review

Since I made the mistake of not actually having a review for our first podcast.  I am resolved to watch something, well I am resolved to watch some anime this coming week.


Yeah I will be watching again,  Mahoromatic one of my favorite animes that I have not watched in some time but will again.



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