Wow duma watched anime?


This week i watched Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles on Now i am a huge fan of the old Robotech series. The 3rd war was my favorite. This movie is based about 2 episodes before the end of the 3rd war. It changed the ending of the war little bit and added new villain. Over all i liked it but i feel that it could have been done better. I did not like the CG i wish they stuck  to the old style of animation. I’ll discuss this more on the next podcast.

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Again nothing to do with the podcast but lovely none the less

It’s the tenth Episode! It’s just Roundpeg and Slunker this time around, we talk about some news, review a bit of anime. Afterwards Roundpeg recounts his experience at Otaku Omaha, and then Slunker offers his excuse for taking so long to release the previous podcast. We wrap up with just some random chatting about other podcast

Warning this podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion is advised

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Has nothing to do with the podcast i just think she's sexy

This week we talk about the news as usual, Duma recounts his inability to watch Hellsing Ultimate, Skyeline tells why he re-watched Outlaw Star. Slunker talks about K-On, The Gokusen, and Afro Samurai Ressurection. To wrap things up Roundpeg discusses My Otome before we call it a podcast.

Warning this podcast contain adult language and content, listener discretion is advised

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Otaku Omaha first impressions

Well I hit the con kind of early so I could get the lay of the land and since I had a con virgin with me we hit the “what not to do at a con” panel.  It was pretty standard but allowed for some good crowd feedback.  Thus far it looks like this whole midwest anime con thing is pretty Cosplay centric.  I don’t really mind but it isn’t really my thing but I do kind of enjoy seeing what people have done.  There are some really good cosplayers with some pretty cool costumes.  Some are better than others of course like any other con, but it was really refreshing since Slunker and I went to A-kon a few years back which should have been renamed Narucon.   There seems to be a little more of a mix this year.  I saw some good ol’ stuff mixed with the brand new stuff that made it pretty cool.  It ranged from a guy doing the first four panels in Sid via Final Fantasy to ugh yes Naruto but also some new stuff like Code Geas, Lucky Star, Full Metal Alchemist and one duo hanging in Lupin II with Zinigata excorting him around the con in handcuffs.  I even encountered someone in Digimon cosplay mixed with a bunch of furries.  So far my favorite panel was the “What do zombies do when their not eating people panel”.  We discussed the origins of zombies and the many incarnations that they took.  They kept asking the question over and over again and there were many answers ranging from the serious to the stupid but funny.  The answer I thought was simple which was “hunting”.  I never really voiced it because every one seemed more interested in making the silly answers and it was far more entertaining besides.  The answer the host gave was that Zombies spent their time trying to figure out what they were doing when they weren’t eating people which was kind of snarky but passible.  The host imparted that he was running a panel called ” Fun with duct tape” that sounded interesting but frightening.  He hinted that he duct tapes the crap out of people together with complete strangers and they are forced to roam the con together.  This sounds way to close to a BDSM sex crime waiting to happen to me and being as though I am tipping the scales at 30 years of age and all the jailbate walking around I think I might obstain for a couple other events that are going on.  The con virgin would like to go and see the DragonballZ fandom panel which sounds more excrusiating but I will suffer it out of friendship.  Much like the oragami panel we will be attending later.  I will also attend the Chris Patton panel later on and am at least a little excied to hear what he has to say.  As of when I left they were still having trouble with the tech in the Main Events area that also houses the video room.  Honestly all the vedeo they plan on showing looks to be stuff that has been released already and has been for the last couple years.  I am surprised at some of the choices including Shuffle! which is kind of riske and I can only assume that it will be shown toward the eveining.  The con does have a good looking schedule with most of the good events happening toward the evening.  They do have a free pancake breakfast every morning which is pretty nice.  The guys running the con seem pretty competant and very friendly but it is the first day of course and we will see how they fair after a couple nights without sleep.  Thus far it seems like it will be a lot of fun and my only bitch if I could say there is one would be that the dealer room is really small and they don’t have many vendors and the ones they do have don’t seem too terribly focused on true otaku nonsene but have a lot of cult movie posters and MMO stuff and video game tie ins.  The artist alley was crammed into the same room but the quality of the work looked pretty good from what I have gleamed so far.  They have all of one anime dealer that also had soundtracks and manga but that was it.  It wasn’t a drop in the bucket as far as other cons I have gone too but if I had to describe it.  It was just the bare essentials and some other fluff that a American Otaku might be into.  I saw a total of 20 wall scrolls rolled up in a bucket and none on display.  The poster dude had more non anime related stuff than anything.  The funniest thing was there wasn’t the token sword and knife guy that usually shows up at every single con I have ever been too.  It is a small con but I think it’s kind of weird that the panels are all good from what I can tell the veido seems pretty good as far as set up.  The guest is pretty decent and of all the things to fail I didn’t think it would be the dealers room because usually that’s the one thing at a con that usually gets the biggest room and the most benefits as far as booths since they help pay for the entire space.  I guess in a way it’s what a con should be but at the same time it really speaks to the absence of local vendors that are willing to support the local anime community.  I had a feeling it was bad but I didn’t realize it was that bad.  The guys who put on the con do cons from CO all the way to OH and seasoned veterans so there are plenty of benefits of professionalism and organization.  The only thing lacking was industry panels and since is based like two hours away I kind of thought they would be there with their merchandise and really fuel the con but I saw on their website that they are at Anime Expo which makes perfect sense but I thought they might pull at least some double duty.  I know the head of right stuf was gonna be in LA for the expo and making announcments but I thought at least their would be a appearnce from right stuf in the dealers room.  Ah well them not being there I thought would be a huge impact on the con but it doesn’t appear so.  If we are still rolling next year I might try to come up with a panel idea or two and see if they will throw me into the mix.  We’ll see.  More to come as the weekend come full circle.  Have a rockin time this fourth of July weekend dear listeners.  Blow some shit up for me.

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