the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

It’s the 14th episode. In the news we discuss ways to show your fandom (bad ways to show your fandom I mean), and how the chinese goverment will copy , and then slightly modify your stuff,  after that we mention that although blue ray sales are up in japan (mostly due to anime) video sales are still going down, also we talk about the gundam statue being dismantled, and the gigantor statue being erected (not in it’s place but in Kobe) and we make mention of Naruto Shippuden finding it’s ways on American TV next month. In reviews it seems Duma likes anime that other people think sucks as he reviews Sword for Truth. Skyeline simply aggrees with roundpeg that Mushishi is indeed awesome, then gives us an abridged version (otherwise his shorter and not nearly as detailed review) of Chrono Crusade. Slunker does a rather half assed, and rather non commital blurb regarding the new episodes of Haruhi, then speaks very vaguely about Genshiken. To finish things out Roundpeg gives us the skinny on the show Baccano!

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Warning this podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker


kristendanime_082809This week we gather to talksome good news, some meh news, and some What The?! news. In reviews Duma informs us what the necessary elements are needed for him to actually watch anime, as he reviews Vampire Wars. Skyeline offers us the Cliff notes for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. Slunker talks about Macross Plus, and to wrap things up Roundpeg tells us about This Ugly Yet Beautiful (and sometimes mediocre ) World, and the awesome series Mushishi

Warning this podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion is advised

Written by slunker