Hopefully everyone had a good Thnksgiving. On this episode of 2 Lazy 2 B Otaku, we discuss the death of Yoshinobu Nishizaki, Sentai Films Dubbing Clannad After Story, and William Gibson’s interest in Hatsune Miku.

In reviews Skyeline gives us the basic run down on Project A-ko, Slunker talks about Dojin Work, and Roundpeg praises Master of Martial Hearts for not trying to be anything more then what it is.

Afterwards we discuss our goings on in the past couple weeks before signing off. Thank you and please enjoy

Warning the following podcast contains adult language and content listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I want to say thanks to our listeners, and enjoy the holiday. I’m also getting on here to inform you that this week’s episode (44) will be delayed. I will try to get it posted this week end. Thank you for your patience, and again have a happy Thanksgiving

Written by slunker


This time around Slunker can’t be bothered with reading news, and so the buck is passed onto Roundpeg, and Skyeline to provide news and random silliness in the setion we call news. Afterwards we get into the reviews, as Slunker talks about Desert Punk, Skyeline give us the 411 on Armitage III, the OVA, and the movie. To round things out Roundpeg expresses dissapointment in what could have otherwise been a good show, as he reviews Yumeria. The we discuss some random goings on in our own lives, including Skyeline very busy school schedlue, and what new figures Slunker ordered.

A quick correction I didn’t edit in the podcast. Princess is a Danish film, and I said it was dutch, so I was incorrect, Princess is a Danish animated film.

Warning the following podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised

Written by slunker

new figures

Ok I know the title is my anime watching blog. Anyways I’m going to post pictures here of the new figures I recently ordered, then maybe I’ll mention some of the anime I have been watching recently.

First up is a figure of Ryomou Shimei from the series Ikkitousen, I purchased this figure from Roberts Anime Corner Store

This figure is by Orchid Seed and is 1/7 scale

Next up is Chuun Shiryu also from the Ikktousen series. I purchased this one from Anime Wild

This figure is by Alter and is 1/8 scale. Also this is a figure I had planned to pre-oreder originally, but got sidetracked and missed my chance to get it the first time around. I was stoked to find it available again at Anime wild as it was sold out for some time.

Okay so as mentioned in episode 43, which will be posted right after this, I recently watched on netflix streaming Parasite Dolls, and Princess

Currently on DVD form netflix I am watching Doujin Work

and on netflix streaming I’m watching the Golgo 13 tv series

I may or may not review these on the podcast anytime soon, It all depends on when I finish them, or what else I start watching.

And enjoy episode 43 of the 2 Lazy 2 B Otaku Podcast, which I’ll post right after this post.

Oh almost forgot, a correction I didn’t edit in the podcast, but will here and in the podcast post, Princess is a Danish film, and I said it was dutch, so I was incorrect, Princess is a Danish animated film.

Written by slunker