Next episode will be delayed.

Due to some technical difficulties, namely Roundpeg’s mic deciding it had enough of his blathering, we will be delaying the recording of (which would have been last night) and subsequently the release of the next episode. Were aiming at a 1 week delay. This should put our next episode out during the weekend of August 5th.

Thanks for your continued listening.

Written by skyeline



In this episode we gloss over the success of Mikunopolis, and instead grumble about the crappy name, as well we talk other news, like Toei Animation making more money from overseas licensing, some anime movie news, in some more silly turns we discuss a teacher kicking in the door to a police station then running off naked, and we try to comprehend why a couple parents would have to pay 200,000 dollars after their son kicked a ball into the street.


 In the review section, Slunker talks about Occult Academy, Skyeline laments his fears that Blood C will not end up better then it’s predecessors. To finish things out Roundpeg relates to us the great fun he had watching Demon King Daimao.

As we wind things down Sib shares with us his fantastic clubbing experience.

Warning the following podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker


Thiw time on 2 Lazy we discuss some strange things in the news, like the prototype holographic miku, a chinese knock-off austrian village, police dragging a NEET out of his apartment, and a lady who kissed a boy to save his life.

In reviews Duma and Skyeline go over Straight Jacket, Sibnova tells us about Sanka Rea, and to finish up the reviews Roundpeg gives his thoughts on Highschool of the Dead.

Warning the following podcast contains adult language, and content. Listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker