On this bonus episode of 2 lazy we are joined by Midori from the Otaku Momentum Podcast. Roundpeg tells us of his recent encounter with some burgalars, and Midori shares some stories about robbery as well, we talk randomly about random things. Thanks for listening and look forward to our next show, episode 71 when he have all our host back together, hooray.

Wanring the following podcast conatins adult language and content listener discretion is advised.

Written by slunker


In this first new episode of the year, we have just Roundpeg, Duma, and Slunker. we discuss some news before getting into reviews.

First review was Gungrave, which Duma watched, but forgot what happened in the show or what it was about, fortunately Roundpeg and Slunker also have seen the show before and were able to jog his memory.

Next up was Chaos Head, reviewed by Roundpeg, who relates to us a harrowing tale of hope, then betrayal, unfortunately, the whole hope/betrayal bit relates to his experience watching the show and not so much the synopsis of the show.

Warning the following podcast contains adult language and content, listener discretion is advised


Written by slunker